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I have a Sonicwall Firewall Pro 1260 (Enhanced OS) connected to a T1 Router.  I'm trying to setup a DMZ/and or Wireless zone in order to configure a wireless AP.  I just bought an 8-port switch and plug into the OPT port on the firewall.  Could anyone help or provide some insights to how I can do this.

The purpose of this DMZ/Wireless zone is to minimize the amount of non-domain computers connect to the internal network.  I'm simply setting this DMZ zone just to provide clients and other consultants to access the Internet/ or check their OWA emails.  

Thank you.

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This document here should answer pretty much of what you need except customize it for your wireless users.. Basically you are setting up a separate network.   Am I correct in the fact that you do not want any of these users to access your LAN?

This document can help as well.

I have used both of these to help me here and there.
Oops..forgot to post that as a proposed solutions... see above
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