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Unable to open one specific web page

This is a weird one, so I'll try to include as much information as I can: I am unable to open a webpage, www.comcast.net, on any computer in my network.  This is not a browser specific issue either, as all computers on the network have different web browsers and all time out when trying to open the page.  At first I thought it might have been malware, or a browser hijacker, or some such.  After checking the system thoroughly, all I found were tracking cookies (which I removed).  I then thought that the problem was McAfee (program was not updating).  After uninstalling the software and trying to open the web page, I encountered the same result.  I opened a command prompt and pinged the webpage and got replies on all sent packets.  I then took one of the computers off the network and connected it at a different location.  The web page opened fine with every attempt.  By method of elimination I can conclude that the problem is either the router or the ISP itself.  I don't know what to look for, though.  The router has the factory defaults and the ISP (Comcast) tech support say that I should be able to open that page.  When I get the computer back to the network, I'll try taking the router out of the system and see if I can connect then.  Does anyone have any other things that I can try?
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Fred MarshallCommented:
First, reboot the router, any modem and any switches.  This sounds very much like a router, modem or switch that's gone bonkers and needs a reboot.  Some pages work, some pages don't work  Very common problem - just an infrequent one.

Then, if that doesn't work:

Can you ping ??  That's the IP address of that page.
If a ping to that address doesn't work then it's likely the router, modem or switch.  Since a reboot didn't work consider replacing them in some order.

Usually the troubleshooting procedure is to connect something directly to the modem and see if *that* works.  Then the router, then the switch until you get to a point that fails by adding one of the boxes back in.

If a ping www.comcast.net  works then maybe you have a DNS problem.
You should get back something like:
Pinging dcs.orgin.comast.akadns.net [] with 32 bytes of data.

If you don't get the 204..... address back then it appears the DNS isn't working.  But usually then you won't be able to reach any site/page by name unless it's cached.  Try pinging a name you've never gone to before.
Your external ip wouldn't also happen to be in the 204.127.195.* range, would it?  This could be a simple case that the netmask on your external router is set wrong, and is inadvertently masking out that particular IP address.  
ppanzicaAuthor Commented:
Very useful troubleshooting information, fmarshall.  It turned out that the router had in fact "gone bonkers" as you put it, so to speak.  Comcast had recently been performing maintenance on that web page, and for whatever reason, the router could no longer connect to the web page.  On my return visit, I connected the computer directly to the modem and was able to connect to the page.  I was sure at this point that the problem was in fact the router.  I had already reset everything and nothing had changed, so I decided to update the firmware (I'm usually hesitant to do this because of horror stories I've heard).  Updating the firmware fixed it!  Weird.  Thank you for the posts.

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