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I would like to know which are the best keyboards for computer programming.. I found some good ones like this one but not sure if they're all that, and I dont like wireless.. what do you guys recommend me?
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I think this really depends on what you feel most comfortable with, i really like natural ones like the one you show above, but i know most people dont seem to. In terms of wireless it doesnt really matter an aweful lot, they go a bit hazey when the batteries start dying but otherewise they work just like a normal one. I wouldnt go with bluetooth though, ive had lots of problems with bluetooth keyboards and mice
I allways use Cherry keybords. The keys have a good response (no sponge feal) and the layout is comfortable. I tried microsoft keyboards and logitech but I prefer Cherry. I am the same about wireless. I need it to work everytime.
Check out Keytronic keyboards,

These keyboards have a nice solid feel and have almost no 'key clatter' sound.  Generally no frills or gimmicks but these units last forever.  Out of 20 or so that see daily use - some 24/7 - I can't recall the last failure.

For any task that requires any degree of typing I think its more about comfort and feel than any fancy features.  I honestly never really though about a keyboard being good for programming specifically.  One thing for programming that I think is essential is dual monitors.  

The Classic-P1 or P2 models would be the current match to the units I have.  Newegg and likely other online vendors do carry Keytronic stuff though you probably won't find any in retail stores.

Avoid wireless keyboards if you don't really need them.  Just going to cost for batteries for nothing and cost more up front.

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I have found best one and I am going to use this one. After lot of research I found this one the best one:
For mouse use this touch pad:
My recommendation is to put  the touch pad in the middle or left of the split keyboard ,so that movement of hand can be reduced.
I am sure you all find it useful. I am a developer and faced much issue while using normal keyboard and mouse.
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