Need an advice on an Help-desk platforms/tools!

I am looking for a good system to implement in my business for an online help-desk system. I would like to have my customers login to this system with their own username and password, and be able to open service tickets, get update on existing tickets, see progress and such, with emails notification and other tools. Do you guys have any good experience with any similar systems?

I read about OpenTicket (sourceforge), but I would like to hear of more products, and perhaps your opinions on this specific one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
We use Autotask....
Go to and read about it.
It's a fantastic program....costs about $300 per month, but you will find so much value in it, that it will pay for itself. No more trying to remember what you did all month for billiing.
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
some features:
# Tasks can be created by users, task managers
# Tasks can be created by email

It is a GPL licensed program. And in full:
    *  Easy installation including tools to manage installation
    * Easy to understand and use
    * Password encryption
    * Completely Scalable
    * Customizable task categories
    * Customizable task groups
    * Customizable status list
    * Customizable priority list
    * Customizable severity list
    * Customizable project list
    * Task feedback and service level statistics
    * Easy to configure security
    * Simple user and group creation and maintenance
    * Encryption of passwords
    * Easy to add announcements/news section
    * Customizable and templates
    * Knowledge base that can be standalone or created as a result of tasks
    * Tasks can be created by users, task managers
    * Tasks can be created by email
    * LDAP support
    * Extensive task search options
    * Extensive statistics and reporting functionality
    * Task statistics and feedback report
    * Attachment support
    * Database consistency checker
    * Task notification via email, sms and pager gateways
    * Automatic user account registration
    * Public or private system allowing for guest access
    * Customizable url settings
    * Optional integrated forum
    * Optional SSL support for secure communication
    * Configurable email server support
    * Optional Who's Online status
    * Easy Upgrades
    * Time Tracking Capabilities
    * Contact Management
    * Group security field value filters
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SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
Another important feature is to allow clients to login and open tickets, these clients should only have access to tickets related to their own business, section, user.

This is great stuff, thank you so much guys.

So far here is what I have found:
1. Double Choco Latte (DCL)
2. AutoTask Go!
3. OpenTicket
4. RT Request Tracker
5. WebCall
SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
Wow I am really impressed with One Or Zero! Can I install it on a Windows Server? I was looking for the installation guides, but couldnt find it. Are you using the LDAP feature in it? Whats your general impression from it?

Many thanks!
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
One or Zero is great.

Altough I myself have not used directly it, many friends have, and they recommend it above most of the others. you give it a test run if you like...

There is an OpenSource version. But it does not have all the bells and whisltes
SpiderPigAuthor Commented:
I am in the process of using OneorZero with Windows 2003 Server/ IIS config. This thing isnt working. Any ideas how to configure the IIS and PHP? I am assuming thats where my problem is.

Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
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