Existing user if we change the mail id what will happen will it work


Existing user if we change the mail id what will happen will it work.

I have created a user with mailbox.If i change the email id will there be any problem and even the Nt login just an alphabit.

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1. Go to the users properties -> exghange general tab. In the alias box type sharath.reddyb
2. Go to the users properties -> email addresses tab, click new, smtp, type sharath.reddyb@plc.com
3. Highlight this new entry then click set as primary

This will not cause any problems as the user can receive using both email address.
Otherwise delete the first email address from the list to tidy up.

This is a good method when someone is getting too much spam and you want to change their email address.
I'm not sure which ID you mean. If you change the ALIAS (Exchange General Tab) id this will affect the automaticly created email address based on receipient policy. If you want to manually change the email address, untick the 'Automatic Update' (Email Address tab) and edit the address. If your just renameing a user, you will need to change their email address as well.
Regardless, all internal email will continue to work, external email will work for ANY SMTP address on the email address tab (provided the domain part of the address is an allowed address)

Hope this helps
bsharathAuthor Commented:

I have created a user like

I want to change to

Will there be any problems..

What all should i change...

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