Math/Statistics: Weighted Least Squares Linear Regression in Php

Posted on 2007-10-19
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Last Modified: 2013-11-13
So, I have years, data points (valus) and weights (for data values).

How do I implement a method or class in Php for achieving Weighted Least Squares Linear Regression.

Any math wizards out there willing to help? Pseudo code will do, I can Php'ize it.

Question by:lexxwern
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Expert Comment

ID: 20109726
I am not familiar with Pseudo code but if you can do the least squares part I can suggest an inelligant way to weight your values.
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Author Comment

ID: 20110016
Hi aburr,

Yes, I have code for that. I'll be using the Least Square Fit class. Let me post the code:

generate equation for straight line
picture of plot

class ymxc{
var $input; //array (x,y)
//converts to selected colom to log
function line(){
//output m & c
retrival variables
expanded array array(x, y, xy, x^2) - $input[][2], $input[][3]
n count of array
returns constant and gradient
foreach($this->input as $in){
return $output;
/* OU MS284 unit 7 page 41
ISBN= 7492 2066 2 */

function residuals(){
expands array to include model array[][4]
foreach($this->input as $ii){
foreach ($this->input as $key => $in)$res[$key]  = $in[5];
return $this->sdv($res);

function sdv($array){
foreach($array as $in){
return $output;

function plot($title,$xtitle,$ytitle,$plotname){
requirs there to be an array of data
Plots picture of array with line through
writes picture to disk plot-datenumber.png
plot needs title xtitle and ytitle

$plot = imagecreate(600, 450);
$bg=imagecolorallocate($plot, 239, 239, 239);
imagefilledrectangle ($plot, 50, 50, 550, 400, imagecolorallocate($plot, 255, 255, 255));//plot size 500 x 350
$font = 'Font.TTF';
$texcol = imagecolorallocate($plot, 0, 0, 0);
//separate into colomns find min and max
foreach ($this->input as $key => $in) {
$x[$key]  = $in[0];
$y[$key]  = $in[1];

sort($y, SORT_NUMERIC);
sort($x, SORT_NUMERIC);

//echo "<br/>ranges miny $miny maxy $maxy yrange $yrange" ;

//plot points
//imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 50, 420, $texcol, $font, round($x[0]));
//imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 20, 400, $texcol, $font, round($y[0]));
$xpoint= (($xx[$i]-$x[0])/$xrange*500)+45;
$ypoint= (400-(($yy[$i]-$y[0])/$yrange*350));
imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, $xpoint, $ypoint, $texcol, $font, "x");
//echo "<br>$i x= $xpoint, y=$ypoint";
if(!isset($xtitle))$xtitle="X Values";
imagettftext($plot, 15, 0, 250, 440, $texcol, $font, $xtitle);
if(!isset($ytitle))$ytitle="Y Values";
imagettftext($plot, 15, 90, 20, 240, $texcol, $font, $ytitle);
imagettftext($plot, 20, 0, 100, 30, $texcol, $font, $title);
imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 450, 40, imagecolorallocate($plot, 0, 0, 255), $font, "Gradient =".round($this->gradient,4));
imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 450, 20, imagecolorallocate($plot, 0, 0, 255), $font, "Constant =".round($this->constant,4));

//set y markers
imagettftext($plot, 5, 90, 50, 70*$i+50, $texcol, $font, "|");
imagettftext($plot, 10, 90, 40, 450-(70*$i+50), $texcol, $font, round($i*($y[count($x)-1]-$y[0])/5+$y[0]));
imagettftext($plot, 5, 0, 50+500/5*$i, 403, $texcol, $font, "|");  
imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 50+500/5*$i, 420, $texcol, $font, round($i*($x[count($x)-1]-$x[0])/5+$x[0]));

//plot line    

$t= 400-($t-$y[0])/$yrange*350;
//imageline ($plot, 50, 400, 550, 50, imagecolorallocate($plot, 255, 0, 0) );
imagettftext($plot, 10, 0, 15, $s, $texcol, $font, round($this->constant,2).",0");
imageline ($plot, 50, $s, 550, $t, imagecolorallocate($plot, 255, 0, 0) );
imageline ($plot, 50, 400-(-$y[0]/$yrange*350), 550, 400-(-$y[0]/$yrange*350), imagecolorallocate($plot, 0, 0, 255) );
$xo= (($x0-$x[0])/$xrange*500)+50;
imageline ($plot, $xo, 400, $xo, 50, imagecolorallocate($plot, 0, 255, 0) );
//imagepng($plot, "plot-".strtotime('now').".png");
imagepng($plot, $plotname.".png");

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Accepted Solution

aburr earned 2000 total points
ID: 20110128
An inelligant way to apply weights.
Suppose that you have weights from 1 to 10
Enter the data point weight times
That is, if the weight is 5, enter that point five times.

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Author Comment

ID: 20110350
So that is effectively as good as multiplying the weight with the value of the dependent variable. Is that all that separates Linear Regression from Weighted Linear Regression?
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Expert Comment

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Expert Comment

ID: 20157643
I submitted an answer, the correctness of which was confirmed

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