source installation for samba server

Need a suggestion for redhat linux enterprise ver 5 (RHEL5) as network operating system to work as PDC by making use of LDAP (for authentication )will the samba rpm is okay or samba installing by source is suggested , please suggest me on this , if source installation then please tell me how it does better job.
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This is just my opinion:

With production class OSs (like RHEL5) stick with rpms. RH spends a lot of time for testing every package. Also there are a lot of patches in packages, which you don't have. Updating your system will be much easier with rpms.

If you fill comfortable with source code why to use RHEL at all? Go with open-source OS... :)

Once again - my opinion only.
I agree, to some extent.  I use RPMS where at ALL possible, but some times you just can't.  In those few and far between cases I install anything custom-built in to /opt/, so in this case /opt/samba.

Are you aware that samba w/ldap really isn't going to provide you anywhere NEAR the functionality of a windows domain controller?  It works great as a member server, but as a domain controller it can pretty much just handle NT 4.0 type requests.  You'd better know a LOT about LDAP and AD or you're in for a WORLD of pain (and even if you do... maybe just slightly less pain).
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion , does samba rpm support LDAP feature or to use LDAP feature it is must to install the samba with source with the ./configure --enable ldap some thing like this , if rpm will support the LDAP feature then i would go the RPM
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