Create Windows Bootable CD to use with Dell 2800 Server Openmanage Server Assistant

I have a Windows 2003 Enterprise Volume License on 2 ISO Files. How do i create Bootable CD to install on Dell P2800 Server using Openmanage Server Assistant for a fresh installation.
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David WallCommented:
You need to burn the iso files to disk using something like nero, then use the openmanage cd to prepare the machine and use the freshly burnt disks..

There are some freeware utilities that will let you burn iso file available but cant remeber the name , I am sure Google will ind something.
One thing to keep in mind is you can't simply burn these to disc as data, you need to make sure you burn them as an image.  In Nero (v6.6 and I believe everything after that as well) open the Nero Burning ROM and go to the menu option Recorder, then pick Burn Image.  From there, change the file type from .nrg to "all images" and browse to your first ISO.  Select it and hit OK then start the burn, repeat for the next image on a second CD.
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