Novell Groupwise Integration w/Sharepoint

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Is it possible to integrate a Novell Groupwise (7.1) calendar into Microsoft SharePoint. I have seen a similar question asked, but the answers were more political in nature than technical. Please refrain from using this question as an opportunity to vent about Microsoft's business practices.

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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Short Answer: No.

Long (Political) Answer: No, because the last thing M$ wants you to do is use anyone else's software, and they're going (as they have consistently in the past) to throw as many roadblocks as possible into any integration attempts.
With GroupWise 7.1, integrating SharePoint with GroupWise is not supported.  GroupWise 7.1 did not have the SOAP connectors required for integration with SharePoint.  GroupWise 7.3 (and the soon-to-be-released GroupWise8) have new SOAP support that allows better integration.  

Our company, Omni Technology Solutions, has developed a solutions called Riva SharePoint Integration for GroupWise that transparently integrates SharePoint appointments, tasks, contacts lists, etc. into your  GroupWise account.  On October 3, 2008,  we announced the closed beta of Riva SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise.  This will allow you to add a Web Part that displays a summary of the unread GroupWise email and opens GroupWise WebAccess directly from the Web Part without the user having to authenticate to GroupWise WebAccess.  To learn more about Riva and SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise, go to: or use our Contact Us page to submit your interest in testing Riva SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise.
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