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I want to creat a site to site vpn using the adtran netvanta 1224str.  First what i need to know is does the internet connection need to be plugged directly into the router for the Vpn to work or as long as the router is on a network that has internet it will work.  Im asking because our internet connection is plugged into a firewall and then into a network switch and the router is located in a different building will i still be able to setup the vpn as long as the router is on the same network
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You will need to NAT the VPN routers to a through a port on the router so an give each of the a target of the others gateway's external IP

Also it is a very good idea to use a differnt subnet on each end.

Office 1 = 10.1.1.x
Office 2 = 10.1.2.x
i cant see why not once the router is on the network-many use the firewall for the vpn if it is capable of doing so
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