Excel VBA UserForm file keeps crashing - RunTime Error 75

Hello, I'm a little stuck! I am using Excel 2007 with a bit of VBA and have been dabbling in the wonderful world of User Forms. For some reason, if I open any worksheet which uses User Forms it seems to crash if it is left untouched for any period of time longer than about 2 minutes - often generating a Run Time error 75. I've tried re-installing Microsoft Office, but that doesn't seem to help. And I'm fairly certain the file (and code) is fine because I've tried the same file on other computers and it runs perfectly.

I don't know anything about improving performance, registry fixing or defragmenting, but from what I can gather, it might be something to do with that? If so, how do I go about sorting the problem so my Excel file doesn't keep crashing?

Thanks in advance for any advice people can offer.
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Maybe you met a bug try on the Microsoft forum ...

:-( Janos
75 Path/File access error - check the evtl path/filename
ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:
Sorry, what's the evtl file/pathname? Please bear in mind I'm completely ignorant about these things!
75 is  Path/File access error - check the possible path/filename(s)
sorry for my mistake
do you open file from the network?


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