Dell, Desktop, GX260, networked PC in a reboot loop

I have a networked Dell GX260 desktop, running XP pro SP2, that suddenly started a reboot loop. It will sometimes let you get as far as logging into Windows, then it will start rebooting, other times, you can see the login screen, then it starts the reboot again.

I am currently running a Dell Diagnostic on the hard drive. It was working fine just the other day. All pcs are locked down where user can not change any settings.

Has anyone ran into a problem like this?
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QBRadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First i would remove any unnecessary hardware, nic, modem, anything that is not essential for the pc to run and display video.  if you have a spare power supply you may want to try that as well.  Next you could try a repair install of windows.
Keep on testing the disk, that's a good starting point. Also test the RAM using memtest86+. Check that the cooling is adequate (clean out the dust, check the fans are running smoothly, remove the heatsink from the CPU, clean both surfaces thoroughly, add very little thermal transfer paste). You'll find memtest86+ and other free utilities on the UBCD.

If you still get problems, and if you can boot into safemode, turn off auto reboot on system failure (right click "My Computer", "Properties", "Advanced", Startup and recovery "Settings", "automatically restart".

You should then get a BSOD next time instead of the reboot, along with the stop errorcode. Post that error code here.
katrinakingAuthor Commented:
Well, the pc has everything built into the motherboard, so there is nothing I can remove to try the reboot. Dell diagnostics shows everything in working condition. I work for the government and we use sysprep on our images and if Windows gets corrupted, we just re-image. We have re-imaged twice and still have the problem.
I checked the RAM and cooling, the heatsink is only warm on the CPU. We are unable to get into Safemode, once it is checked the PC starts the rebooting loop again.

Since everything is onboard the motherboard, we removed the hard drive and put it in another PC and no problems with the rebooting. I believe we have something wrong on the motherboard. We are going to test it in a different case.
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PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Inspect the motherboard see if any sign of bad caps:
Test RAM and hard drives as Rindi's suggested above, even only warm but you should make sure there is no error after test.

As you said about image, did you copy disk to disk or partition to partition? Did you assign drive letter?
katrinakingAuthor Commented:
We have finally pieced together another GX260 from other GX260s out of warranty, also. The original case, had a bad powersupply and motherboard. The new case had bad memory sticks.

After taking out of the other case, we have not had one instance of the PC rebooting. We are getting ready to redo the image again, since we have replaced so many parts, we are getting the microsoft pirating error now.

We do not do a copy disk to disk. An image is created and tested on all pc models before being supplied to our technicians on a network resource. We use one standard image on all the different makes and models of our PCs.
>>   Well, the pc has everything built into the motherboard, so there is nothing I can remove to try the reboot   <<   but you can disable the devices in the bios ...
katrinakingAuthor Commented:
Replacing the bad powersupply and motherboard were the problem. I googled the problem also and found that Dell got a bad lot of motherboards for this model that caused this problem. Caps that leaked and caused problems.

Thanks to all who helped. I'm sorry it took so long to get back, but our ratio of Techs to computers is 1 Tech to 300 computers, and I am the only Dell WPD person here, so I was running in all kinds of directions the other day. This was only one of many issues I was dealing with.
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