HP LaserJet 2430t 49.2F80 Service Error

When I did a Google search on this HP error code one of the first hits was www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Hardware/Q_22753982.html - 62k. Since I have been a member of the exchange for several years I though "Wow, here is the answer" but lo, and behold, I could not find the answer. Googling to www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Hardware/Q_22753982.html - 62k brings up a screen to pay of a membership (which I have) but no way for a member to login. So, open a new browser and login to look for www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Hardware/Q_22753982.html - 62k but it doesn't seem to be there.
Can anyone find it?
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You'd need to log in to the experts-exchange, then go to google and search. Sadly, this "solution" doesn't seem like much of a solution to me - nobus replies that the error is caused by "network data or print job corrupted." Big deal - you can stare at that all day and never get anywhere.

Of more use is HPs support site, which states that for the 2400 series printer a 49.xxxx error is usually caused by firmware. They recommend you turn off the printer for 1 minute and then power the printer back on. If it persists, they recommend you take the printer to a repair tech, although you could probably continue to troubleshoot it by upgrading the firmware (attempt at your own risk).

The URL for their support document is

First try removing all of your peripheral bits, extra memory, hdd, network interface and connect via the usb port and try printing that way, also see if you have the latest driver. If this doesn't help go to http: www.hp.com/support/lj2410, www.hp.com/support/lj2420, or
www.hp.com/support/lj2430. Click Download Drivers and Software. Check for the latest firmware image version at the bottom of the page. If this firmware image is newer than the one installed on the printer and the printer can receive a firmware update, download the newer firmware
upgrade. Not all printer models can receive firmware upgrades.
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