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I opened the File Signature Verification Tool (sigverif.exe) for the first time yesterday.  An article I read claimed that the tool retuned a list of all unsigned drivers on a machine.  The tool returned over 90 files.  The Driver Signing Options dialog (System Properties dialog / Hardware tab / Driver Signing button), however, is set to "Warn," and I have not seen an "Unsigned Driver Warning" since I did a fresh install on my laptop about a month ago.  Is the File Signature Verification Tool returning junk results or is my "Unsigned Driver Warning" not working.  Incidently, I noticed that every unsigned file returned by the File Signature Verification Tool is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers.  
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Also, sigverif.exe checks all files, whether they are actually being used by Windows or not. So any drivers that were copied over during a printer install for printer sharing with other operating systems and support files would be scanned by the tool.
Everything in C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers is printer related. You'll find a lot of signed printer drivers that also copy over a number of unsigned dependent dll files that will show up when using sigverif.exe.

So while the printer driver itself might be signed, a lot of it's dependent files might not be.

Go to Control Panel|Printers and Faxes. Then hit File->Server Properties and go to the Drivers tab. Choose a driver and hit properites. You'll get a window with a long list of files, most of which will be dependent files. My guess is most of your "unsigned" drivers will be in those.
Well it checks for all Drivers, not necessarily those that are actually being used.

I hope this helps !
Q. Is the File Signature Verification Tool returning junk results or is my "Unsigned Driver Warning" not working?

A. The answer to both of your questions is NONE.  You see, drivers installed using setup programs that manually configure the registry and copy driver files to a system and driver files that are dynamically loaded by applications arent checked for signatures. Only drivers installed using INF files are validated against the systems driver-signing policy.
jdanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.  I appreciate the feedbak.
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