bios upgrade for intel se7500cw2 board not being accepted

i am trying to upgrade the bios for intel SE7500cw2 motherboard in order to use 266mhz ram on it
i downloaded the bios and created the disk mentioned in the notes provided by intel

(from notes)
Run BIOS.exe to extract phlash.exe, platform.bin, 1.bat and BIOS.rom to a 1.44
  floppy diskette.
· Boot the system to pure DOS mode. ( i booted from the disk i created)
· Run A:> 1.bat

when i run this command i get the message

"bad command or file"

should i be using a ods disk to boot from?
this is the syntax in the 1.bat file

ECHO Now reading BIOS update tool ...
phlash /mfg /s /b=platform.bin


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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Yes, copy the flash image to your C:\  drive first and remember where it is, then create an MS-DOS boot diskette and boot from it(You may have to set your Floppy Disk drive as the first device in your boot priority in the bios if its not already set that way so the mobo seeks the floppy first on boot), then after booting to it at the A:\  acutate the flash command.

Remember: There are typically two ways to flash a bios. 1) USing Winflash via windows, 2) Using a flash program provided by the chipset manufacturer and telling that program where the rom file is located.  Make sure you have downloaded the DOS version of the bios update, and save that and the the update rom file to folder under C:\ and call that folder Bios. Once complete, you should be able to execute the flash by doing this:
A) After you know your bios is set to seek the floppy drive as the first boot device in the boot priority, boot with the MS-DOS boot disk you made.
B) At the A prompt, switch drives and lauch the flash(phlash.exe in this case) program as outlined below.
C:\cd bios
and you can then ref. the .bin or .rom bios image at this point.
If you download the correct DOS bios image from Intel, you should have the flash program and the Bios updated image ONLY in that directory. It looks like the version you have has an alternate program that verifies the versions before actuating. If you know your current bios revision on the mobo now and know that the version you are updating to is the correct one, then there shouldnt be any problems therefore eliminating the need for this other "Versoin Check" type program that usually comes with the "Windows" type bios update image.
exdosAuthor Commented:
thanks i am going to try that monday morning
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