Multi user access database prints forms to wrong printer

In a multi user environment, when the user prints a form from the database it does not go to her default windows printer.  This is the only printer defined on her desktop.
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Chris MangusConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
Even if she only has one printer defined the report can still be set to print to a specific printer that she may not have defined.

Open the report and click on File and Page Setup.  Go to the Page tab and see if "Default Printer" is checked or if "Use Specific Printer" is checked.  It sounds like you need "Default Printer" checked.

Chris MangusDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Check the page setup for the report.  It's likely set to "Specific Printer" instead of "Default Printer"
' it does not go to her default windows printer'
'This is the only printer defined '

So where does it go then?
RSteegAuthor Commented:
For some reason it is printing on my printer which is not even defined on her PC.  This is happening to more than one of the people that use the database
Chris MangusDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Did you check the setting that I recommended checking?
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