Is ShadowCopy and FSMC safe to install on a 2 node Windows 2003 Cluster?

I'm running a Windows 2003 Cluster with two nodes running 2003 SP1. The two domain controllers I have are on seperate boxes. I'm looking at running Volume ShadowCopy to make copies of the data once a day. I'm also looking at installing File Server Management Console (FSMC) to prevent users from storing certain file types of a non-work nature. I understand I'll need to do install the role of File Server on the two Cluster nodes and install FSMC. Is enabling ShadowCopy and FSMC reasonably safe on a 2003 cluster? Has anyone hit issues with enabling/ installing these. I originally built this cluster and the AD environment a couple of years ago, and all has worked fine for that period. As I not an expert at Cluster 2003, I don't want to break something that has been working for some time, so any help you can offer would be most appreviated.
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Shadow Copy can function on a 2003 cluster, but there are some caveats and best practices that you should be aware of before you deploy, as described here:
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