steps to run Firebird

What is used to open Firebird?  I have a download but there is no exe file or help text to instruct on this basic point.
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Nick UpsonConnect With a Mentor Principal Operations EngineerCommented:
it certainly can be used from delphi but it's not part of delphi, it's a seperate client-server relational database which can be a large change if you are used to access/paradox.

I don't know why an iso file, download from you want version 2.0 (2.1 is still beta) for your platform, read the quick-start guide
Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
I did it earlier today, I downloaded Firebird- (this is on windows) and ran it, answered the usual install questions and done.

What did you download and from where?

you do understand that firebird is a client-server database package not just a file like access
dpnd009Author Commented:
Download was from SourcForge.  The file is one .iso file type.  I understand that Firebird is more than Access but does that mean it can't be used like Access or Paradox as part of a Delphi app?
Gary BenadeCommented:
You probably got one of the zipped version by mistake, get the win32 exe here
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