External Outlook clients and Exchange 2007 migration.

Exchange 2003 to 2007 migration
Exchange 2003 SP2 server is a DC and is running RPC/HTTP Proxy
Exchange 2007 server will be a stand alone running RPC/HTTP Proxy and Outlook Anywhere enabled

I've layed out all the steps for migrating however I wanted to confirm that when I enable Outlook Anywhere and RPC/HTTP Proxy on the new Exchange 2007 server that my external Outlook clients will automatically be redirected to the new server once their mailboxes have been moved.  I know that this is easy for clients using a direct connection to the server but will this be turnkey for clients that rely on RPC/HTTP to access Exchange from outside the network.  Basiclly, there's just a firewall with port 80 and 443 open to Exchange.  I know that I will need to redirect the open ports to the new Exchange box at some point in the process.  Also, I have a public SSL certificate on the Exchange 2003 server that is being used for OWA and RPC/HTTPS connections.  Can I move that certificate over to the new server?
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The Outlook server name will change on its own if Outlook can connect to the old server, however if the URL for RPC over HTTPS has changed then that will need to be adjusted manually.


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rpc over https should work fine on the exchnage 2007 box as long as the url is the same as it was on the exchange 2003 box.
cdrichlaAuthor Commented:
Will my external users Outlook config automatically change to reflect the new Exchange Server name the same as my internal users will without any intervention?
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