Transparency in Flash Video

Take a look at this site:  Notice that everything in the video is transparent except for the woman speaking, and notice that you can see the html content on the page behind the video clip. Hence the question: How can an area of the swf file be made transparent so as to view objects, html and otherwise, that sit below it on the same web page?

I'm using Flash 8. Thanks.
John AccountAsked:
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it is javascript and css

1. It have to set z-index, position in <div style>//your flash object here</div>

2. File > publish setting> HTML> window mode, which made wmode="Transparent" in <object>

3. set x, y position for the <div> to follow up the scroll bar

hope this help~
John AccountAuthor Commented:
Ahhhhhhhhh....thank you, ddlam. I understand you completely, and it worked great! Thank you, very much!!
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