Trouble installing HP p2015 printer

We have a print server running Win 2000 and have installed a HP p2015 printer.  I cannot get the printer to install on an IBM desktop PC with Win XP SP2.  I have installed it as a network printer with the add printer wizard in XP and when I try to print to it and error message pops up saying that I need to install the drivers for the p2015 printer.  I browse to the location of the drivers and click install - it looks like it's installing but still can't print and the same error comes up every time I try.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Joseph TshiteyaCommented:
Try downloading the Windows XP specific printer drivers from the HP site.  On the print server, install the WinXP driver as an additional driver.  Uninstall all references for this printer on the XP box and then add it again as a network printer.
lrazzoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions, what resolved the issue (at least I can load the printer and things print for the end user) was to set the printer up as a local printer with a tcp/ip port.  The printer is set up on the print server with PCL5e drivers but to get it to work for the end user locally I needed to load the PCL6 drivers.  It still does not explain why the font in the printer was badly off with the PCL5e versus the PCL6 and why I could not install it as a network printer.  
As a side note - I did check the C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\printers folder looking for an outstanding possibly hung job and the folder was empty.  The printer was uninstalled, reinstalled and the drivers reloaded on the print server multiple times.
lrazzoAuthor Commented:
It is acceptable for the question to be closed.  I had already uninstalled/reinstalled the printer on both the print server & XP Client.  I had also already installed the latest print drivers (in every possible combination) from HP before submitting the question.  

The real issue at hand is: in the recent past we have had multiple problems with HP printers (or their drivers) hanging, going off-line indiscriminately, print jobs erroring out and basically fouling up the work-flow of our office.  We have not noticed this with our Canon or Epson printers.  It seems to be a HP  phenomenon completely.  

My request was to discover if anyone else was having these same issues and if they have, how have they remedied the errors.  At the time of the post, our most pressing issue was to get the printer to install on an XP client PC so our office work-flow wasn't completely undone.
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