Transmit videos from PC to TV

I would like to play my videos from PC to TV.
Is there a solution wireless or network cable?
Obviously my computer is not near the TV room.
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PCableGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If your PC has the capacity to ouput video and audio, you can purcase devices to transmit the video and audio wirelessly. You would also need a receiver at the TV too.

A couple examples can be found here:

At the TV side, be certain that your TV has the capacity to connect to the receiver. For example, if the wireless receiver has an audio/video output, then your TV will need an audio/video input.

If you want to use network cable, here's what you need. Again, the PC will need to have some type of audio/video output.
i would say you would need to find a network that connects to your tv and your computer.
Forced accept.

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