How to share internet between 2 PCs ( Ubuntu - Vista )

Hi there,

Right so i had a router, And a total of 5 Pcs which 4 connected via ethernet to the router and one with a wireless, However my Reouter has been broken ( phisically ). Therefor i got my 5 old usb adsl modem out and installed it on the main pc which is running Ubuntu .. ( took me about an hour .. damn! ) Anyways Now, I really need to give access to internet to another PC and this is very cirtical ... Is there anyway i can share the Internet on PC 1 which is connected to internet via usb , via a ethernet connection to PC 2 running Windows vista ( boo .. i know! )

Thank you guys,
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4dimachConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Can I recommend this:

Or may be you have $50 for a new Router? :).
nobodynowherenothingAuthor Commented:

Thank you, Will check it out! Yeah i have already ordered the router but will take few days to get it as its weekend and so  ... And in this weekend i have alot of projetc to get done so thats why it was very critical!

Will check it out and let you know!
An easy way to share internet connection in case your Windows based computer will act as
a gateway would be to download and install free 3 users proxy server Proxy +
HI can you please tell me what are the available interfaces on your ubuntu server "ifconfig  -a"  the USB internet should show and interface here please if you can highlight it and send the output so i will tell you the next step in a easy way .

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