removing backupsets from the catalog "ORACLE 9I"

Oracle 9i Rman Recovery Catalog cleanup
If I issue the the commands listed below to remove backupsets that have been deleted from disk and is no longer needed in the Recovery Catalog, will the system remove the backupsets from the catalog or will the system mark the backupsets with a status of "DELETE" and then I will have to run prgrmanc.sql to remove from the catalog.

RMAN> allocate channel for delete type disk;
2> delete noprompt force backup of database completed before '01-OCT-2006';
3> delete expired backup of archivelog until time '01-OCT-2006';
4> release channel;
5> print database;

Also Please explain the process?

dedean01Technical Support Engineer Asked:
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In releases prior to Oracle9i, RMAN sometimes updated the status of records to DELETED in the recovery catalog rather than removing the records altogether. In Oracle9i, RMAN always removes the catalog record rather than marking it as DELETED. Hence, catalog records should only be marked with status DELETED if the catalog has been upgraded or the catalog was resynchronized from a backup control file. You can remove all repository records of backups and copies with status DELETED using the prgrmanc.sql script, which is located in an operating system specific location ($ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin on UNIX).

See url for details:
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