Active Directory Replication - Bottleknecks?, Speed up?

This has to deal with replications between domain controllers in the same site, different sites, etc. All in the same forest

Is there any sort of reference chart on how fast replications should be. Is there anyway to speed up replications, and is there any well known bottleknecks that might be slowing down replications.

I've got a two site structure , and each site is directly next to eachother, yet the replication tends to be very slow... Can I set how often it should replicate its records... ad, dns etc
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This is splitting an extremely fine hair, but the "5 minute" rule of thumb for intrasite replication was in place for Windows 2000; in 2003 it's even shorter.  A change gets made on DC1.  DC1 waits 30 seconds for the change to stabilize, and then transmits the change to each of its replication partners in turn at 5-second intervals, for a typical maximum of 45 seconds (max of 3 intrasite replication partners per DC.)

If you are talking about inter-site replication, it will occur every 15 minutes by default.  If this is too slow, you can enable "change replication" on your site links so that inter-site replication occurs at the same rate as intra-site replication,  but this will have an obvious impact on your bandwidth usage between sites.
This Article will explain KCC replication
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Within a site its 5mins - between sites you can specify what the interval is:
There is a nice article at which deals with configuring replication.
WinPEAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys, Great Info!
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