Adding Fonts in OWA 2003

Is it possible to add fonts to OWA?  We have a corporate standard font (Gil Sans MT) and
some users have desired to utilize OWA more, enough so that they want to set
up a signature.  They would prefer it doesn't look too different from their
Outlook client signature (though it'll have to be somewhat different as the
signature has a small corporate logo).

Any ideas?  Thanks!
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The simple rule with OWA is that if you cannot see it, either in OWA itself or the OWA admin tool (Exchange 2003 only) then it almost certainly cannot be done. MessageWare have a product that can add some options to OWA.

However my personal opinion is that your font choice is a poor one. There is a good chance that remote sites will not be able to read that font, so it will be the default system font that is used.


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