Office 2003 files open extremely slowly when clicked on in Windows Explorer

On every PC in our organization, office 2003 files (word, excel, access databases) all open slowly (30-60 seconds) when clicked on in Windows Explorer.  When opened directly through one of the applications, these open immediately.  I've tried many solutions including office repair, rebuilding individuals profiles, re-associating file types with the correct application and haven't had any success.  On my own pc, I was able to get word documents opening quickly by changing the file association for .doc to open with <installation folder>\winword.exe /e "%1" /n .  I read about this in a post somewhere and I have no idea why it works.  If anyone knows what the /e, /n and the %1 attributes are, please let me know.  I am curious also how I would push this out to all users if this was indeed a valid fix and not just a temporary patch.  The same fix did nothing for excel files and gave me an error for access databases.  
GDB IanAsked:
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Jeroen RosinkConnect With a Mentor Software testing consultantCommented:
The time I saw this it was because I tried to open a file from a shared network folder.

perhaps these articles might of some help:
Slow network performance when you open a file that is located in a shared folder on a remote network computer

Files on network shares open slowly, opens as read-only, or you receive an error message
GDB IanAuthor Commented:
Nope.  It happens whether the file is local or on a network share.   I also read that for some the problem clears when they pull their nic cable out and work offline.  This doesn't work for us either.  
Jeroen RosinkSoftware testing consultantCommented:
I noticed my self that when trying to open files though there are networkconnections, the OS tries to keep trakc on all changes on the network as it seems to do the polling continuisly.

perhaps the disabling "EnableShellDataCaching" of helps out:
An Office program is slow or may appear to stop responding (hang) when you open a file from a network location

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Zuhir ElgmatiConnect With a Mentor Applications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
did you install Office 2003 SP3?
GDB IanAuthor Commented:
I have tried disabling EnableShellDataCaching with no results. I have not yet installed Office 2003 SP3.  
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
try to install SP3
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