2000 server workstation and server service do not start

I have a windows 2000 server that boots, but the server and workstation services do not start.  We had this problem a few months back and I was able to restore the system state.  this time that doesn't work.  I'm at a loss and in need of an expert.  I can see the event viewer but cannot see events.
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Try to unistall "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" from your local network card, and then install again. This should fix server service problem

You may try 327545.
Before suggesting anything I would like the following details:
- The error you get when trying to start the service.  You can get this in the System event log too.
- Also can you capture a filemon/regmon or a process monitor log when trying to start the service manually and give a download URL?
- Try sfc /purgecache and sfc /scannow
- You may want to check mrxsmb.sys and rdbss.sys related errors in the event log.  
- Try capturing an MPS - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=CEBF3C7C-7CA5-408F-88B7-F9C79B7306C0&displaylang=en
Get the one for Setup and Performance - 766 KB in size.  Check qfechk text log for any broken updates.
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