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In my testing lab, I have 2 - 12 port Cisco 3550 switches setup in a point to point gigastack configuration.  Both Switch A and Switch B  are connected via gigastack modules on g0/1, they are both running 12.2 IOS.  I have a laptop connected to fe0/12 on Switch A.  I can ping Switch A - and Switch B - from the laptop, Switch B  can ping Switch A  and the laptop etc.  The g0/1 interfaces on both switches  show interface up, line protocol up, full-duplex, 1000Mbs, link type auto, and no errors.  

We thought we would be able to see the combined  24 ports from either switch when the configuration is correct, but I con only see the ports on whichever switch I have consoled into.  I have been reading Cisco documentation looking for any further commands needed to allow this to happen.  I have not been able to find any thing yet.

I have been reading through other gigastack related questions in the knowledge base and noticed the configurations posted seemed to only show the ports on each device, not the entire cascade.  

Are there further commands needed to allow us to see all the ports on both switches from either switch ?

Thank you for your assistance.
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You're thinking of clustering. Gigastack is just a physical connection. Managing multiple switches from a single point (on a 3550) is called clustering.
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