Some check boxes in Filemaker Pro are locked; other check boxes in the same field work OK

This one has me stumped. I have a database that I have created in FileMaker Pro 7. Several fields contain check boxes. All of them work as they should except for 2. In one of those fields, I can check and uncheck some boxes, but not others. In another field, none of the 3 check boxes work. Some of those locked boxes have already been checked by me some time back, but now I can't change them. I know there must be a simple solution to this...
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
still convinced the field contains something which prevents from reading data untill the end, something pasted?
can I get a copy of the file?
display these fields as text, they probably contain some other data than the one expected from your checbox list.
happens when the field was not a checkbox at first usage, or was using a different list.
take also into account that the data are stored with a return in between each value if you have more than one, so if you have an extra value, it won't show in a single line field > make the text fileld at least 2 lines high to see extra values.
bob32256Author Commented:
There are 2 fields with this problem. Both are formatted as text. Both have returns between each value in the list. Both allow checks in the first 2 check boxes but not in the last 2 check boxes.

There are several other fields in the database with check boxes; all work just as they should.

At one point these 2 fields worked correctly - some check boxes are checked, some are not. Something happened that allows changes only in the first 2 boxes.
bob32256Author Commented:
You're right - I still have no idea what was in there. I deleted the fields and the value lists and completely redid them. Now they work.
that's what was interesting to find out, you should have kept a copy for investigation, if it happens again, you'll  still be unable to tell what it is...
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