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I want to add secondary DNS ipaddress on the DHCP configuration. When i try to use dhcpadm, i don't have a option to add secondary ipaddress. Is there any way to add secondary DNS ipaddress on DHCP configuration on solaris 2.8.

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NopiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
omarfarid: it's a Solaris DHCP daemon, it's quite different from ISC's version:

grodgers3200, you may add multiple options with DNS IP.
First will be primary, second - secondary etc.

in dhcptab it looks like:
for macros or
for symbols

dhcptab can be viewed with dhtadm -P or DHCP manager's  tabs  for Macros and Options:

dhcptab can be edited with  dhcpmgr or dhtadm utility.

Since you did not mention which DHCP server you have, I will describe to you what can be done with the ISC DHCP server that is available on

The DHCP server configuration file is dhcpd.conf and you can specify at the beginning of it options for clients. e.g. you can add the two options below to it:

 option domain-name "";
 option domain-name-servers ip-address [, ip-address... ];

The first option is to tell your domain name for the client,  and the 2nd option is to tell the ip addresses of DNS servers to be used by the client.

If your DNS server has similar dhcpd.conf file, you may add to it these lines.


Very useful link. Thank you.

I noticed the startup of in.dhcpd in  the system startup scripts, but I though he is using some other S/W.

The man pages on the system are also useful and recommend not to edit the files by hand and use the proper tools you mentioned.

You can use dhtadm command to modify the DNS server settings, eg:

dhtadm -M -m `uname -n` -e 'DNSserv=<dns server1 IP> <dns server2 IP>'

man dhtadm
to learn more details
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