Microsoft, Windows 2003, 2 Domains DHCP same Subnet

Can I have 2 totally seperate forests on the same subnet, both running DHCP and DNS ?  If I give the first one a scope of  to and the second one to

Its the DHCP I'm worried about.  They would also need to share a router to access the internet which I guess is the easy bit.

Logically It appears it should work fine ?

I'd put a trust between them until I cam migrate both domains into one which would be the ultimate goal.
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
The problem with DHCP is that it does not discriminate when a machine requests an  IP from DHCP there a no way to assertain which domain it is in, so it will get an IP from the first DNS sver to respond.

The system as you have it may work, as the same subnet is in use, the IP addresses from the different DHCP servers will not clash but you may get when machines try an register with the wrong DNS server.

You can get around this by making sure that you use user classes in DHCP see
the_b1ackfoxConnect With a Mentor CIOCommented:
NO NO NO...  DHCP Servers on the same wire clash!  You can have have multiple scopes, but not multiple dhcp servers
LauraEHunterMVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or for such a small # of clients (if I'm reading correctly, 50 in each domain?), use MAC address reservations on each DHCP server until you are able to consolidate.
omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I agree with LauraEHunterMVP that you should use your clients' MAC addresses to till which DHCP server will response that MAC address. It will be a hard exercise if you have large number of m/cs in the subnet.

tickleonthetumAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys
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