sending internal mail through external smtp

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here is the situation:
Small Business Server 2003, Exchange 2003, E-Mail is retrieved through POPcon a connector that connects the e-mail boxes in the datacenter and then transmits these to exchange.

The Issue:
Since some internal users prefer to access their e-mail through the data-center postbox e-mails need to be received on both the exchange server and the data-center postbox

The Problem:
E-mails that come from an external domain i.e. work fine. Yet when a user of the company sends an e-mail the e-mail is routed directly to the exchange server and not to the external smtp server.

What needs to be regarded:
I know that I could set up E-Mail forwarding, yet this would cause the user to have the e-mail twice in his postbox on exchange since the popconnector would retrieve the mail from the data-center again?


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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can't be done.
If Exchange recognises the email as being local the message will stay local.
You should deploy Exchange how it was designed to be used - drop the POP3 connector and have email delivered directly by SMTP and have all users collect from the Exchange server only.
If you don't then you may as well remove Exchange.


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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
While I fully agree with what Simon stated above... I would also state that your assessment of "The Problem" is incorrect.

Just because "some internal users prefer to access their e-mail through the data-center postbox e-mails" doesn't mean that you should allow that to happen.  You now have an Exchange Server that provides users web access to not only their email but also their Calendar, Contacts, etc.  

If users want webmail access have them use OWA which is installed by default on SBS and easily enabled via the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW -- linked as "Connect to the Internet" in the Server Management Console's To-Do List).

Forced accept.

EE Admin
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