I want to measure the performance of Flash application.

I need to measure the performance of a Flash application. The tool should simulate the actions in the software and give a report. Also it should give alert when there is a performance problem. Is there any tool like this?
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najhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think if you've got a good budget then your best bet would be to commission a decent developer to create a test harness to create the statistics that you need as I don't think there's going to be anything which will quite meet your need.
There's nothing I've come across in the few years I've been using flash which will do what you ask although it would seem like a nice kind of tool. The nature of flash (tending towards web animations rather than applications on the whole) means that people don't tend to be so concerned with such performance issues so long as videos and animations run at a reasonable speed etc. It is possible to get some very basic statistics and tests such as checking how a download would work on a slower browser etc but this isn't really what you're after. It might be better to simply add your own trace actions where you'd like some key information (perhaps outputting the current time to a trace - or an elapsed time since the application started running).
How about the debug option in the shockwave viewer when you publish the movie? It gives you options on what you want to trace and some stuff like that.
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yep - that's the built in stuff i was referring to. Doesn't really do the kind of reporting that was being asked for unfortunately, but it does provide a few bits of info.
ssusuzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies. Obviously I am looking for a sophisticated tool. This is not what we want. We also need simulation etc... I have actually a good budget for this purpose.  
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