creating a guest using a Ghost snapshot


I'm trying to reinstall VMware Fusion using a Ghost snapshot I've created. I lost the original guest disk, but my Ghost 12 snapshots are 100% intact. I've even converted them to VMWare...

I'm a bit stuck :-( this has been much more challenging then I thought. Here is where I am

    * I have several intact copies of Ghost 12 snapshots (stored in several places) :-)

    * When I try to Restore Computer using XP (after installing a fresh copy of XP), it wants me to reboot using the CD. No prob. When I do, Vista boots off of the Rescue CD, but it doesn't see the guest disk

    * I've even went into Ghost, and converted the snapshot into a VMWare disk, but when I try to use it within Fusion, it complains that it's just .2MB (I created split disks using Ghost's conversion process)

    * What I'm doing now, as I'm typing this, is converting my snapshot again, using Ghost, but asking it to not create a split disk image. I'll see if Fusion likes it this time.

Any tips. At this point, until I'm able to use my Ghost snapshots, I can't get any work done :-(

Looking forward to your reply ---

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I am a little confused...  Are you saying you have a server called GHOST that has 12 snapshots, or are you saying you have Ghost images (*.gho X 12 complete copies) in several places. If there are Ghost images, just define your VM with the size of hard drive you desire and using a Ghost boot disk, lay the image back down. Now this is assuming that the images were from VMware so that there are no hardware conflicts between the images and the hardware you putting the images onto.
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