Transfer objects and data between SQL Server 2005 and 2005 Express

A SQL Server article says:"you can simply install the full SQL Server 2005 instance side-by-side with 2005 Express and use database-to-database connectivity to transfer objects and data." Please advise steps to do that. Thanks.
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YveauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
... or create a linked server. If you only want to copy a few tables with data this is probably the best way to go. Here is a small hint how to copy a table via a linked server:

On the target server, connect to the database you want the tables and data to copied to, execute scripts like these:
select  *
into    <Schema>.<Table>
from    <LinkedServer>.<Database>.<Schema>.<Table>
where   ...

This will both create a new table in the target database and will copy the data that meets the where clause from the linked server to the target database.

Hope this helps ...
I think there is not much to say on this:
1. install both editions, and have them running.
2. detach a database on the SQLEXPRESS
3. attach the database on the Full SQL Server
4. ... repeat for every user database (so do *** NOT *** deatach and attach tempdb, master, model, msdb)

... and that is all to it.

Hope this helps ...
Glad I could be of any help !
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