Need help with Tortoise Version Control

Hi all.
I am working on  a large CodechargeStudio project (PHP-Mysql). I work on it at night from home (win XP) and from my office at work (win XP) I have access to a dedicated server (Linux-Fedora).
I am tired of zipping the work folder and putting it on my gmail drive.

I have installed Tortoise and Subversion on my Home pc, but haven't had any luck setting up a Dedicated server-based repository.

I keep getting the 405 method not allowed error.

Any ideas/suggestions. Perhaps an easier method of source control?

I don't need anything fancy. It's only me and I just want to be able to pull the latest file from the repository before I begin working on the project.
Codecharge Studio 3,2 has Source Control support.

Should I make the repository on my home pc and connect to it from work?

Your thoughts and advice are appreciated.
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To set up a deidacted SVN server you will need the following piece of software : (choose the one wich is most aproprioate for your OS)

Here is the necessary documentation to install and configure it:
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
ckroonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input so far.
From reading the docs and links you sent, I realize I need to install subverison on my Godaddy server.. correct? I only have it installed on my desktop. I am not even sure GODaddy will let me install it on the Dedicated server.

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