Auto Dialer/Caller - Dials telephone and plays a wav file.

Hello, I am trying to build a reminder service where the system will dialer a phone number, and play a wav file to the end user. I know there is asterisk, but I am looking for something that is already created for this task. We would like to be able to use VOIP for the calling, and also it would be great if the call list can be in a database, and the dialer will run automatically. Our server is running Server 2003. Any help would be great.
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Their system has an IP gatway  
cwitr329Author Commented:
Thank-you for the comments. Voicent looks good, but at $499 for a single line is out of my budget. The standard version doesnt interface with http for my application.

Voxtron looks ok, but is more of an enterprise level solution and is very expensive. (Also, at 2 gigs its huge).

Does anyone else have any suggestions. All we need to do is cue up message from our application via an http command, and call a specific numbe and play a wav file.

Take a look at this windows based call system from NCH,

Depending on configuration its in the $70-200 range.  You may need the upper end to get the features you need.  It has a 14 day free trial so you can play for free.  

They also have plugins for interfacing with other programs or databases.   It also support use with a wide variety of hardware for voip or analog calls.

I do not think you will find to much 'ready made' software for much less as this is not really a typical consumer type of application.  Voicent is actually less than most systems I have seen.

If you really want to keep it inexpensive Asterisk would be the way to go.
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