Vista Favorite Links is greyed out

I had deleted all of the useless entries in the Windows Explorer Favorite Link in Windows Vista and, thus, the Favorite Link is now greyed out, preventiung me from adding some of my faqvorite, commonly used folders.  How can I reenable (aka restore to deafult) the Favorite Links area in Windows Explorer.  Do I have to recreate a folder in Docs and Settings somewhere?  Or regedt?
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
I wonder how you "deleted all of the useless entries..."?  Anyway, as this page says, you should be able to restore to the default Favorite Links:
Windows Vista Explorer Favorite Links Tips

How to setup the Favorite Links:
You can now finally change and use the Vista Explorer window the way "you" want it. But first lets explain how the favorite links work in Vista. Favorite Links are stored in your the per user folder. The folder can be found very easily by just rightclicking below the links in the white background, you will have two options.

1) Open Favorite Links Folder: which will take you to the folder where the links(shortcuts) are stored.
2) Restore Default Favorite Links: which will restore the Favorite Links as they were when you first logged on to Vista.

On my computer, I found that I had to click and drag the Folders bar down in order to make some white space below the Favorite Links area in which I could right click....
dettoreAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lee,
As usual, good solution with one extension.  The two options did not initially work because their was no Links folder in my C:\users\username\.  I copied the Links folder from Administrator and then the options worked.  

Also unusual but I get a not privleged message when I try to access that folder using Windows Explorer but the right-click method worked fine.  I am set as an Administrator so not sure why I can;t get access to it directly.
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