"offline files - computer(s) offline" message but able to use internet/exchange on the same network/server. Why?

I have a 2003 server network.  Client computers are able to go out through the main server to the internet, access exchange on that server, and log on remotely to that server.  When opening network folders "offline files - computer(s) offline" appears.  And yet a short while later this error message is gone and client computers can access the same files.
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Sounds like a network problem to me.

There are three possibilities and some troubleshooting procedures I would look into.

Look in event viewer, DCdiag and Netdiag reports to see if we can find more information on the problem.


1) you could have your DNS settings on you router incorrect. Your DNS settings on your Router's LAN side  should be set to your server, not to an outside DNS server. In fact, the only pointer to the outside DNS should be the domain controller's forwarder.

2) You could also have the computer you are trying to access on a dumb switch that needs to be configured to Spanning Tree Port fast. Intermittant access usually is a good indicator of a dumb switch.

3) You could also have a problem with the network cable or jack. They call this problem in electronics a swinging open or swingin short.

I hope this helps and let me know if you seen any error from the troubleshooting section.
The simplest explanation for this, is possibly a change in Network Connection Status....

All it means is that there is a single/multiple servers, where they have Offline files utilized that has switched to an Offline Status. It doesnt affect general connectivity, but usually a synchronization reconnects it back to an online status.

When this happens, have them perform a synch by right clicking the icon where the message originates from, or going to start>run>mobsync /logon

Maybe there is an old server location that it cant synch with?


Look at the locations, are they all valid?
shaungoAuthor Commented:
It ended up being spyware.  I ran spybot as another troubleshooting thing, and it has fixed the problem.  Thanks for your help though.
Oh great:

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