Scavenging records - will that delete manual entries?


I've got a Win 2003 AD integrated DNS, DHCP etc.

I have problems with multiple host records for the same IP etc..

I would like to turn on scavenging, although the last time this happened, some A records for non windows systems dissappeared.

I have heard that this should not be there any other settings I should be looking for?


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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Scavenging will not delete Static Records.

Scavenging only effects Records with TimeStamps, Static Records don't get these so don't need Refreshing or Updating.

To check the TimeStamp for a Record do View then Advanced within the DNS Console. Opening up the properties for a Record will show it's TimeStamp.

If at any point you issued the command "dnscmd /AgeAllRecords" then you will find the Statically added records are updated with a TimeStamp. That makes the command a poor choice against anything but a purely dynamically updated zone.

Hope that all makes sense.

You know, Chris is right and I am wrong.

I have never had to refresh the records in order to keep them.

But, when I was looking for a link to explain why these records are kept, I found one that misled me in to believing that the records need to be refreshed.

I should have trusted my experience rather that something I read.

Sorry, about that.

Lessons Learned,


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