WD My Book goes to sleep and does not wake up unless unplug

I have a WD My Book (500g) and it works fine except that eventually it seems to go asleep and will no "wake up" unless I unplug the power cord AND the firewire, and then replug in power and then reattach Firewire.  Only then will my machine recognize it again.  I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The MyBook's are designed to turn themselves off when the PC is turned off;  and on when the PC turns back on.   If you do a "Safely Remove" for the drive, this will turn it off and there's no way to turn it back on except to physically unplug the drive, then plug it back in (you do not have to unplug the power cord).

I don't think you're doing a "Safely Remove" here (at least you didn't mention it), but if you have the system set to spin down the drives after a certain length of time, this MAY be the reason it's turning off ==> and would have the same symptoms in terms of requiring the drive to be unplugged & then replugged to get them to turn back on.   Another possibility is that the system is managing the power to the firewire port -- I don't have a Vista system with a firewire port, so I don't know if it provides any power managment features similar to the USB ports [i.e. "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"], but if it does, disable that and it should help.

One other thing to try => does the power switch (the middle of the lighted ring) have any impact on the drive?   I only have the "Essential" version of the drive (USB only), which doesn't have the power button ... the the triple-interface Pro version (I assume that's what you have) has a power button --> just curious if a full power on/off cycle with that button has any impact.
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