Logitech Refurbished Speakers - Are they worth it?

I'm thinking of purchasing this item off eBay


I wish to know whether it is a good deal. The speakers are refurbished and comes in a plain package with no manual. This is the part that worries me. For a new set, it costs around $100 whereas this refurbished set is only $40. So I'm wondering whether refurbished speaks have any problems, generally speaking, or if they sometimes have low quality performance when compared to new ones.

Also, will these speakers work with a laptop. By this, I mean, will a laptop have all the necessary plugs and outlets to support these speakers?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
First, to answer your specific questions:

(1)  "... Logitech Refurbished Speakers - Are they worth it? " ==>  The speakers here are factory refurbished, so they're fine.   They'll perform just as well as a new set.

(2)  "... will these speakers work with a laptop ..." ==> Yes.  They're powered speakers, so they'll work just fine with a laptop's audio out.   However, as noted above, the laptop may only have a stereo output;  so you'll have to use the matrix mode feature on the speaker system to produce a simulated surround.   This does, however, work quite well with the Logitech systems.   But check your laptop -- many newer ones do support surround sound outputs.

HOWEVER ... I think you misunderstand e-bay if you think you can buy these for $40.   Note there is over 2 1/2 days left on this auction.   There WILL be much more bidding activity as the auction nears its closing.   Looking at the history of completed auctions for these speakers (there are quite a few -- most from the same seller, who clearly is an authorized outlet for Logitech's refurbished systems), the final selling price varies between $52 and $86 ... and that's not counting the $40 shipping cost.   So realistically it will cost you at least $92, and possibly $20 - $30 more to buy them through the auction.

That's still a good price, however.   They retail for $200 ... although they are available new for a good bit less.   But the lowest cost retailers also have fairly high shipping costs ... so be sure to note the total cost.   Here are a few sources at discounted prices:  http://www.pricescan.com/items/item165712.asp
Only bit of advice I can offer to you is that it would be pointless to buy a 5.1 surround setup for a laptop.  As far as I know, there are no laptops that offer the needed surround sound outputs.  You MIGHT be able to use just the front two speakers (and maybe the subwoofer,) without the the 2 rear and center speakers, but I really don't' see the the point.

Find a nice set of stereo or 2.1 channel (two speakers with subwoofer) speakers to use with your laptop.  That is all it will suport anyway, and will probably save you money in the end.
checkercab7Author Commented:
Thanks for your input FeMaster, but I just looked up the motherboard for my laptop, and it supports 5.1 surround sound setups.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... I see you already checked your laptop and it does support surround sound :-)   I'm not surprised ... as I noted, many newer laptops provide this support.
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