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Destinations.msi error message

I recently ran Registry Clean Expert (RCE) and removed some file path references marked "doesnt exist".  Now when I start or restart Vista or when I activate the Vista Gadgets sidebar via a toggle button on my keyboard, I get the messages:  An installation package for the product "Destinations" cannot be found.  Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'Destinations.msi"  The only options are to click OK or close window via Red X button. If I click OK another box pops up with: The feature  you are trying to use is on the CD-Rom or other removable disc that is not available. Insert the Destinations disk and click Ok. I inserted the Vista Disk but no file was found int the various folders. I searched my C drive for destinations.msi and for just .msi file and couldnt not find any on my pc.  I had backed up my registry via RCE and reverted to a 2 day older version, but that has not resolved the issue.  
I searched google for any references to error messages, or destinations.msi but didnt find any similar posts.
Honestly this is a minor annoyance, and i am planning to "rehash" this PC as I bought it in May and it came with their MS software versions, I had planned to reformat drives and reinstall our corp licensed products, just haven't gotten there yet.
My PC is a Micron Client Pro 585B, Intel Core 2 Quad, 3326mb Ram, 2x 250mb SATA drives, running Windows Vista (build 6000), Office 2007, several custom built SQL databases, and various other business apps.  Has anyone run into this issue??  And YES, I will be much more careful using RCE file path reference task, or perhaps NOT using it at all as I caused this issue.  Mea Culpa
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My first thought is that Vista is so new and not widely excepted yet (Windows XP sales are still outstripping Windows Vista sales) that a software package may or may not work as expected on Vista as it does on XP. In other words, there is no real incentive for a software company to make absolutely sure that a software package will work with XP and Vista. The real problem is that Microsoft made some minor changes in going from XP to Vista. Enough that maintenance applications like a register y cleaner may get confused when going from the XP to Vista environment. Long explanation to say that it sounds like your registry is hosed. Try searching for some of the phrases for destinations in the registry (key or value). That may be a good start anyway.    
bpowerstvAuthor Commented:
Mr. Spock,
Thank you for the reply, I searched RegEdit for Destinations and nothing was found, then ran for Destinations.msi and there was an association for some HP printer/scanner SW installed on the PC. I uninstalled 3 HP software items, rebooted and the error message is gone. Ill reinstall the HP software and see if the problem reoccurs,  probably not as I had caused the error by deleting file reference via Registry Cleaner.  If I discover any other pertinent info I will update this post.  I am planning to completely redo this PC (reformat HD/reinstall SW, etc.) when I find some time in the next few weeks, but for now no more Destination.msi error messages..  Thanks.
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