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Access Server variable from ASP.NET in javascript

I have a javascript that needs to get the "rootID" value from my asp.net code behind file. The problem is that the link dont write out the id, but it writes out "<%=rootId%>".

It means, this is the link I get:

The link should be like this:

Here is my code:
OnClientClick="try {window.location('add.aspx?id=' + targetEl.id.replace('id','').replace('root_0','<%=rootId%>'));} catch (e) {}"
1 Solution
OnClientClick being a server side function will be parsed before being processed by the server, so that the <%=rootId> had been converted to &lt;=rootId&gt;.
We can get the rootId server varialbe to a javascript variable and use the javascript variable in the OnCLientClick.

var jsRootId = '<%=rootId%>'

OnClientClick="try {window.location('add.aspx?id=' + targetEl.id.replace('id','').replace('root_0',jsRootId));} catch (e) {}"

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