I would like to read an explanation about the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface entries in the registry

Which kind of information is stored here ?
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First let's break your question down to get the answer I believe you are looking for.  If you go to http://www.windowsitlibrary.com/Content/368/13/1.html and read this article, it will give you the definition to a clearer understanding of what HKey_Classes_Root in the registry is about.  Next to see what Interface means you can look at http://bokardo.com/archives/definition-interfaces/ that covers a short definition to "Interface".  After much researching for the best explanation to your question, it appears that most of the entries deal with Spyware Security due to ActiveX installs.  You can read more about this here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/183771.
Interface subkey (HKCR\Interface):
Each registered COM component includes a number of Interfaces that define pieces of functionality within that component. Interfaces are further broken down into methods, properties, and constants. Interfaces use GUIDs to uniquely identify themselves in the Registry. One or more Interfaces, with their associated methods, properties and constants, define a COM component.

COM components: Component Object Model (COM) class registrations. OLE is actually a particular implementation of COM. If you use applications that leverage OLE/COM objects and ActiveX controls, then it is the Classes key that provides the registrations for the various components an application may call.

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