SAN Hardware Configuration Recommendations for Performance

We have three major components that we are looking to cluster and SAN.  Two Sun T2000 Servers running apache, Two Dell PE2950-Win2K3 running SQL Servers and Two Dell PE2950-SUSE10ENT running Oracle.  What would be the recommend best performance SAN hardware configuration recommendations for this type of configuration.  At this point our data size needs are around 750GBs for all three (150GB apache, 300GB for SQL and Oracle).  We see our needs growing to 1.5 to 2TB in 3-5Yrs.  What are things we should be thinking about in considering a SAN solution?  What vendors do you recommend?

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Duncan MeyersCommented:
>What vendors do you recommend?
EMC, NetApp, HDS are all good. The entry level arrays from Sun are not much loved (the mid range come from Engenio and are OK, the high end are HDS arrays and are top-notch). I have reservations around IBM's DS/FastT series (also Engenio. They are excellent performers).

To make a decision on a suitable SAN, you need to work out the number of I/Os per second. A good indication is if the systems are running well in their existing configurations. Apache isn't typically high disc I/O. Oracle and SQL usually give the log drives a bit of a hammering. If you are happy with the current performance (and this is strictly a rule-of-thumb), you'll need a similar number of physical discs (spindles) in the SAN as you have in the current environment to ensure you get sufficient throughput.
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
If thats all the servers you see on your network and the only thing changing is storage capacity....then you may not need some Enterprise solution (EMC, etc). Try taking a look at the Buffalo Terastation or the IBM DS series....depending on your bidget and needs.
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