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Why is this not adding like I think it should..??

I've got the following within a script:

$ItemTotal = number_format($_POST['ItemTotal'],2);
$SalesTax = round($ItemTotal * ($SalesTaxRate / 100),2);
$HandlingTotal = number_format($_POST['HandlingTotal'],2);
$OrderTotal = round($ItemTotal + $SalesTax + $HandlingTotal, 2);

Then in my form I'm putting 1240.00 for $ItemTotal, $SalesTax and $HandlingTotal are both 0.00 right now.  $OrderTotal windes up giving me just 1 instead of $1,240.00 like I'm expecting.  What am I missing here..??
Andrew Angell
Andrew Angell
2 Solutions
number_format(1240.00, 2) returns the string "1,240.00"
Later, when you use $ItemTotal again, it treats $ItemTotal as its integer equivalent because of the addition operator. The integer equivalent of '1,240.00' is 1. Just don't use number_format there. Use it on $OrderTotal.
When you use number_format, the result is a string, instead of a number. This means that you can't do calculations with it. So what you should do is make the formatting the last step, after calculating all the numbers.

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