how do i get out of circle? i need internet connection to change router detials but can only view details offline

i am using my wired desktop
hp a230
windows xp
norton internet security 2006
using a avr-8000 adsl 2/2 +1 port ethernet modem
i have purchased a belkin f5d8230-4 uk wireless router and cannot connect to the internet through it.
i have spent 37 mins with belkin tech people and they said it was a security issue so i uninstalled norton and tried again but still get error message "cannot fin router"
i have run setup wizard umpteen times all the lights are flashing correctly on the router, the wizard says that the router is correctly installed but when trying to get onto the internet just get "page cannot be displayed"
i can get read only at belkin set up site when off line but to change details it says i need to be connected to internet but the router will not let me connect
i have been on this for weeks and am now very desperate please can you help?
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
What happens when you plug an ethernet cable directly into the Belkin and attempt to get out to the Internet that way? Do you still not connect?
Setup wizards for the most part on routers I have found are horrible.  The problem that I think you have deals with the mac address.  Try copying the mac-address from your computer to your router.  Their should be a simple button for this located somewhere in the settings.  Wish you all the luck.  
Marc ZCommented:
Do you have everything wired correctly?

You should have your DSL line plugged into your DSL Modem, Then the Router gets the cat5 (or 6) cable plugged into the Ethernet port on the Modem, then your WinXP gets cat5 plugged into the Belkin router.

Personally, I would confirm this setup, then power everything down and then power up one thing at a time starting with the dsl modem and working out toward the computer, giving each device enough time before powering up the next one to get all of it's lights working properly, typically not more then 2 minutes, each.
You then may need follow steigerwald's advice on cloning the mac-address of your computer for the dsl modem to recognize the router as your system.

If everything is wired correctly and you have power cycled everything once, let us know the results.
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Marc ZCommented:
You should use the wired connection directly to the router to set it up the first time, as The Warlock has suggested.  If for some reason, you  had done this and were able to set security, then you might need to reset the router to it's default settings and start over, this time, writing down your passwords and encryption passwords.  If Belkin support for some reason is telling you it's security related, it probably is the modem requiring the mac address of your system.
pops39Author Commented:
What happens when you plug an ethernet cable directly into the Belkin and attempt to get out to the Internet that way? Do you still not connect? i can ping to the router but can  not get past that. on ie i get the default page " web page unavailable "  and can not not get anything from internet.
i can connect through just the modem the prolem starts when i put the cat 5 cable from the router to the modem i can not get a connection. i have it wired up correctly have followed instructions to the letter an have disconnected and connected and powered up and powered down so many times it is unbelievable this is why i am so frustrated.
when pc is connected to just the modem i can get full internet access (this is how i can get on this site). the router is a wireless router with four ethernet ports, i had it working fine in another house approx 12 months ago but got divorced managed to get my own house and now trying to reset everything as it was but it is just not working.
when i put the ethernet cable from modem into router and ethernet from one of the ports to the pc all the lights on the modem and the router are light as per the instructions but cannot get onto the internet.
if i click on work offline when connected to the router it can access the belkin site but in read only.
information on the site sees my ip address but no gateway address when i try to reset the settings on the router it will not let me a dialog box comes up and says to make the changes i need to be connected and you get a choice to get connected or stay offline if you stay offline you can still only read only (so you can not make any changes) if i click on get connected all i get is the default "web page not available" and i am back to my loop not getting anywhere. i have pressed the reset buton on the bottom of the router this make no difference at all.
i have gone into ipconfig and got the ip adress,subnet,mask,gateway and dns servers and tried entering them in manualy into the connection in network connections but still did not work.
thanks for your replies at least it seems i have done some checks that you have suggested but still require more help if you do not mind thank again everybody hope i have put this so you can understand going to find myself a stiff drink and a gun and if i cant get this thing working its a toss up shoot myself or blow the router to bitz :-D
Quick question, did you try holding the reset button in or did you just press it?
Marc ZCommented:
All right pops39, I think we can walk you through this.  Except for the Norton Internet Security.  If you didn't fully uninstall it, it may be causing interference, so let's try a few things.
I have a Belkin router as well, just a different model number, but  it should be almost the exact same way to access.

1. Who is your Internet Provider?

2. Open your windows control panel, select Internet Options-select the Program tab and hit the Reset Web Settings button, OK out of it.

3. Disable any Norton's product if you still have any installed.

4. With computer plugged directly into Modem so you can access the internet, go to Start->Run-> and enter
 and Enter. Type
ipconfig /all
at the prompt and give us the listed
IP address,
Default Gateway,
DHCP Server
and the Physical Address.
While you have the IP address of your Gateway, type it into your browsers address bar and see if you can access the Modem's configuration page.  See if it has any settings for DHCP Server. On or Off.

Next, while the Router is disconnected from the modem and the computer and the Power supply.  Locate the small reset button on the back of the router, you will probably need a paper clip.  Push the paper clip in to the reset button and hold it for ten seconds and plug in the power while holding the reset button.  This will fully reset the router to factory specs.

Once it is powered up, you can plug the network cable in from the Computer to any LAN port on the router, but not the Internet (or Input) port.
Open your web browser, and type into the address bar and hit Enter.
This should take you to Belkin's configuration page.
Hit the MAC Address option on the left. then hit the Clone Computer's Mac Address.  This will prompt you for your login and password. The default password is blank, so just hit enter.  
Now try plugging the Router in to the Modem.  Only one device should be handing out IP addresses and this is what the DHCP Server does, so if the Modem has a dhcp server turned on, see if you can turn it off and let your router handle the dhcp server.
Once you are plugged into the modem with the router, access the routers configuration page again.  Do not enable any security or change passwords until you get everything running properly, then we can add security.

Click on the Internet WAN->Connection Type and select your connection type (see the page) do not use the wizard.  Once complete, click on the Home link up in the right hand side of the window.  It should show your Internet Status as connected.

All right  I need some sleep. I'll be back in a few hours.

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Marc ZCommented:
FYI, in case you don't have this page.
pops39Author Commented:
you guys are absolutely fantastic i got on the internet  yahoo!!!!!!

i will try to sort out wireless security next if i get stuck i will be back thank you all once again you have made a middle aged man very very happy thanks
Marc ZCommented:
Glad it's working.  When you need help with security, we'll be around.
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