ASP or PHP for health and fitness related site?

Okay, common question, but I would still like more points of view:

What's better: ASP (and MS SQL) or PHP (and MySQL)?

The site will hold thousands of user's information and return diets and excercises based on that'll keep track of their weight and other health and fitness related information.

I know it's a pretty general question, but considering the plans of the site, what would you go with?

Kevin SmithAsked:
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nizsmoConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Personally I would go with PHP and MySQL, first of all its free of charge, and second of all it is opensource and has a lot of people developing in. I am not too sure which one is more popular, however I have heard that PHP with MySQL integration is a little bit more efficient than ASP and MSSQL.

Also, it is much easier to find hosting for MySQL and PHP (and also much cheaper in most cases!).
cmhuntyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Both could easily cope with your requirements given the correct hardware. Depends where your area of programming experise is and whether you can afford the up front costs of the Microsoft solution.

With the Microsoft solution, you need to license the server and SQL Server on top of the hardware.
pepsichrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do both languages, and pretty much everyone accepts that PHP is the grown up version.

ASP is easier to pick up, but it's limited, and not a great way to learn to program as it encourages you to be lazy.  PHP is more strict, but much more powerful.  Speed really won't be an issue in the debate for you.

Also, PHP servers are cheaper, and Windows servers can easily run PHP as well, so it's more portable.

PHP's the answer if you want to do it properly, ASP is dying out really, but it'd be easier in the initial stages.

Good luck!
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But ASP.NET on the other hand................. :-)

Certainly worth considering. Would cost you no more than if you were considering ASP.

Has a lot of built in features with security being one. Has native libraries for SQL Server.

Pretty easy to learn too.

.Net is pretty easy to learn?!  I would have to disagree entirely on that one!  You pretty much have to know OOP inside out before you can even start!

PHP or ASP, then if you have a server then you'd be able to connect to a database and start playing on your first day - to have any chance with .Net then you'd need to do a LOT of reading up on it first.

Having said that, it's far more powerful than the other two, and a lot cooler, but I wouldn't recommend jumping in at the deep end with it...
Hmm, yeah, fair enough.
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